Weekend Brewery Run: Hidden River Brewing Company

The problem with being a runner is that we just don’t know when to stop. On Sunday, despite being probably the coldest day of the year and going against all better judgement, myself and a few other fellow runners went on what could only be described as a torturous run. Never mind the fact I had two pairs of gloves on or the fact I had to wear hiking socks on top of all of my running gear just so I was able to feel my toes; the 5 mile trek along the Schuylkill River Trail near the Grosstown Road trailhead was bitter cold.

Why did I decide to leave my nice warm fleece blanket and couch to do this, you ask? Well, to go to a brewery afterwards, of course! Not just any brewery, though. After a run like this, I wanted to go to one of my favorites, Hidden River Brewing.

Nestled inside the Historic Brinton Lodge, Hidden River Brewing offers an eclectic selection of small-batch brews in a beautiful and quaint setting.


Sitting in a room that would remind one of a study, adorned with shelves of old books and a fireplace, we all indulged in various varieties offered that day.

I enjoyed my first choice, the Revolution Cider. Being the oddball in the group who really loves a good cider, this was both refreshing, without being overly sweet. It was the second choice, though, that stole my heart (and taste buds).


Interwoven Offerings is a Coconut Milk Stout. You could smell the hints of coconut with every sip. For being a stout, it didn’t come with the natural heavy stout texture, yet had all of the silky¬†smoothness I was expecting. This beer made my entire run worth the effort of going out into the cold.

For more information on Hidden River and their ever-changing beer selection, be sure to check out their website at http://hiddenriverbrewing.com/ or their Instagram page.




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  1. Short and sweet article! It’s always nice to find a hidden gem of a brewery even though I am not a fan of milk stouts. I am interested in their IPAs or tripels if they have any. If you ever need a name for your running group I propose you use “drunks on theb run!” Cheers!

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