Norristown Farm Park: Pennsylvania’s unassuming state park

There is a beautiful, serene and unassuming state park nestled on a piece of undeveloped land in Montgomery County, PA.  In search of a new trail for a long run, I was introduced to this gorgeous piece of open land located less than 25 miles outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Located in East and West Norriton Townships and the borough of Norristown, Norristown Farm Park is a 690-acre Pennsylvania state park on the grounds of an active farm in use since the colonial times.


Norristown Farm Park has a variety of buildings and open fields that represent a diverse history of farming and institutional associations. The buildings date from the mid-18th century were part of mills, a tannery, farms, and the Norristown State hospital.

unnamed (4).jpg

The land belongs to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is used for multiple recreational purposes. You will find several miles of paved and unpaved trails available for hiking, running and biking. Fishing is allowed in the trout stream stocked by the Stony Creek Anglers, pavilions are available for picnicking and concerts, and there are numerous areas to view wildlife and photograph beautiful images of nature. There are separate forest areas of mixed oak, old farm fields, working fields, wetlands and two streams.


Norristown Farm Park is a beautiful representation of how a small piece of conserved land can preserve an area for local community recreation, as well as maintaining a piece of our history.  Whether you are looking for a place to photograph historical buildings or are interested in a calm, afternoon jog, Norristown Farm Park is a wonderful place to go explore.

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