DIY Cider Making #3: What is a Cider Apple?

Welcome to Cider Culture’s column about DIY cider making. Our intrepid cider reporter, Samantha (who’s also an at-home cider-making experimenter), will share her tips, thoughts, frustrations, victories and insights into the DIY magic it takes to turn apples into a mind-bending beverage. Check out her first and second installments for a proper introduction. 

Please bear with me while I get a little philosophical, and behold the humble apple:

In some religions, the apple is the first fruit to get the human race into trouble. In art and literature, apple are often used as symbols to represent truth, wisdom, virtue and work ethic. There is an air of honesty about apples—though they hold secret complexity and can yield many delicious things (like our favorite beverage), you could never call them pretentious or overwrought.

Check out my article for Cider Culture, where I continue my series on exploring DIY cidermaking.

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