Flying Fish Brewing Co. | Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot

As any swalwe sittynge on a berne. Therto she koude skippe and make game, As any kyde or calf folwynge his dame. Hir mouth was sweete as bragot or the meeth, Or hoord of apples leyd in hey heeth.” – The Miller’s Tale,from the Canterbury Tales.

Written about since the 12th century, braggots, (also called bragot or brackett) are hybrids. Being part barley-based ale and part honey-based mead, braggots are often associated with medieval times. A few centuries have given brewers enough time to perfect their craft and Flying Fish Brewing Co. has brought us their interpretation of the historic drink- Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot.

Photo Credit: Samantha Story

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