Ultimate 6er | National Bittersweet Chocolate Day Beer Pairings

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day came and went this past January 10. Were you aware of this national holiday? No? Tragic. Fear not, however, for it is never too late to take part in the celebration with your favorite confectionery.

Risking my waistline in the name of experimentation, I indulged in pairing flavorful beer with some decadent chocolates to determine the ultimate dessert pairing. I must say, this was quite the delicious task. For the men out there who are preemptively contemplating Valentine’s Day ideas (which I’m sure is a grand total of three guys), may I suggest including a beer and chocolate pairing as part of your Valentine’s night repertoire? No beer-loving girl in her right mind will turn this down. Promise.

Photo Credit: Samantha Story

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